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Thermoforming: Improving Process Performance (eBook)

This book describes the roll-fed thermoforming process, plastic materials, design of thermoformed products, thermoforming machines, trim presses, mold design, components of a complete mold system, mold layout and machine base design, mold cost estimating, knife-like trim dies, thermoforming offline punch and die trimming.

Product Type: eBooks

Die Design Handbook Third Edition (eBook)

Whether you're involved in a highly specialized operation, or need comprehensive information on many types of die designs, this book is your best bet book on how to design dies. Hundreds of illustrations on proven designs are included, as well as hundreds of tables and equations to help you make quick calculations for allowances, pressures, forces and more.

Product Type: eBooks

Lean Manufacturing Systems and Cell Design (eBook)

Lean Manufacturing Systems and Cell Design explains how cellular manufacturing and assembly subsystems comprise the foundation for the entire lean production implementation process. Based on decades of study and firsthand observations of prominent companies in the automotive, aerospace, and many other industries, the authors explains how members of the lean implementation team, managers, and engineers can design and implement lean cellular systems.

Product Type: eBooks

From Concept to Customer (eBook)

From Concept to Customer: Portfolio, Pipeline, and Strategic Project Management gives a broad, comprehensive perspective of project management, covering the entire concept-to-customer cycle of complex strategic projects. Novice and seasoned project managers alike will gain insight into real-world, practical applications from the author's more than 40 years of hands-on experience with world-class multinational organizations. The techniques explained are proven, the approach sound and the results measurable and significant. Case studies have been taken directly from the author's client files. They illustrate the application of various project management strategies, as well as strategic and tactical planning tools. A step-by-step approach, supported by tools, techniques and examples, is used to illustrate each important aspect of project management.

Product Type: eBooks

Lean Manufacturing: A Plant Floor Guide (eBook)

Lean Manufacturing: A Plant Floor Guide takes you on a comprehensive journey through the entire lean implementation process. It is an easy-to-digest reference of lean fundamentals and processes that are mission-critical to a successful lean transformation in any plant.

Product Type: eBooks

Controlling Design Variants (eBook)

In an increasingly complex customer value-driven marketplace, a progressively greater number of product variants has become one of the most important cost drivers for many manufacturing companies. Its negative effects are manifested throughout ...

Product Type: eBooks

Plastic Injection Molding 2 (eBook)

The second book in the injection molding series, this one-of-a-kind resource addresses the basics and the fine points of plastics materials and product design phases of the thermoplastic injection molding process.

Product Type: eBooks

Finishing Systems Design and Implementation (eBook)

Finishing Systems Design and Implementation discusses how to smoothly integrate current equipment, product parameters, coating selection and the processes for superior product finishes. Both liquid and powder coating systems are presented, along with its respective management considerations, equipment needs, environmental concerns, and curing methods.

Product Type: eBooks

Fundamentals of Manufacturing Workbook (eBook)

The Fundamentals of Manufacturing Workbook provides structured practice questions for individuals preparing to take the CMfgT and CMfgE certification exams.

Product Type: eBooks

Fundamentals of Manufacturing Third Edition Solutions Manual

This free downloadable PDF includes step-by-step solutions to the problems at the end of Fundamentals of Manufacturing, Third Edition.

Product Type: eBooks

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