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Force Measurement in Cone-Shaped Parts with a Spindle-Mounted Force...

Author(s)/Editor(s): Alex Szekeres, M Ham, Jack Jeswiet, PE, FSME

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Published: 06/21/2007
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Asymmetric incremental sheet forming (AISF) is a modern sheet metalforming process that does not require dies. AISF forming is accomplished through small plastic deformations that occur at the point of contact between the forming tool and the sheet metal. Single-point incremental forming (SPIF) is a subset and a forming process where one point of contact occurs between the tool and sheet metal. This study investigates the forces occuring during forming of cone-shaped parts while using SPIF. The forces are measured using a spindle-mounted sensor, which is gauged and acts as a cantilever beam. The resulting force measurements are useful to designers as boundary conditions in the development of predictive failure models. Authors: A. Szekeres, M. Ham, J. Jeswiet (Queen's University)